Indian Streetwear Collection : NorBlack NorWhite Your first look at FILA x

Indian Streetwear Collection : NorBlack NorWhite Your first look at FILA x athleisure collaboration Having earned their stripes on the national and international circuit—including a special nod of approval from #Frida Gianinni, ex-creative director of Gucci, along the way—#NorBlack-NorWhite is showing no signs of slowing down yet. Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar, the creative force behind the label, are winding up the year with a unique collaboration with sports giant, #Fila. The result? A fusion Indian streetwear collection, featuring voluminous silhouettes serenaded by a riot of colours, that you’ll want to get your hands on, stat.

Indian Streetwear Collection

As one of the few global brands with decentralised creative control on product customisation in #IndianStreetwearCollection, the powers-that-be at Fila charted a path directly to NorBlack-NorWhite to bring about an intriguing clash of the worlds, juxtaposing the latter’s ideals of modern #IndianStreetwearCollection against the backdrop of #global street culture. “We have always unabashedly celebrated textiles, #colours and patterns, so applying our aesthetic within the bounds of Fila has helped us push the envelope on our creative capacity, and also led to many firsts—designing shoes and socks has been one of our favourite parts of the process,” Kapadiya reveals.


What you can expect from the collaboration is an on-trend update for your athleisure wardrobe—think oversized mesh baseball jerseys, bandhani print sweats and shorts and the classic #NorBlack-NorWhite patterns on sporty hoodies. And there are more surprises in store in the accessories lineup; “The fanny pack and the socks have also been treated with NorBlack NorWhite’s signature bandhani print, and the true showstopper is the iconic Fila Disruptor shoe that has been infused with the signature #NorBlack-NorWhiteprints,” says Abdon Lepcha, creative director, Fila India. “We wanted to apply our love for pattern and colour, while keeping the creations breathable and digestible in the sporty space. We also had a fair amount of fun playing with our colour palette for the classic FILA logo,” Kumar adds.

While #athleisure has been around for a while now, we are yet to see all that this world has to offer. Lepcha’s trend forecast includes, “Relaxed volume, fluidity and comfort. Unicolour track sets will be the key silhouettes in the coming seasons, and the anti-fit movement will continue, tempered with #vintagenostalgia.” In keeping with the memo, Kapadiya explains that the collection will come in handy for anyone looking to give their #athleisure wardrobe a modern update; “This collection is for anyone who likes to be a little extra, loves patterns and is confident in their skin. Although we love a good matching set, these pieces are pretty bold on their own, and can really be paired with some solid basics to keep the vibe minimal,” she says, while Lepcha advises, “As a finishing touch, #accessorise with a fanny pack and quirky socks to strike the right balance between casual and sporty.”

UPDATED DATE : Nov 20, 2018 11:48 AM

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